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  • Helsinki

    3 Step IT

Agency: TBWA

I was approached by the advertising agency TBWA to shoot new content for 3 Step IT in Helsinki, at their head offices and at their warehouse, using their own employees as the talent. With briefs where a lot of material is needed to be captured and time is always limited, it is essential to have as much information to hand before the shoot day and that is where a good project manager is worth their weight in gold. I was able to visit both locations beforehand to shoot some reference images; headshots were also taken of the employees that would be available to us on shoot day.

By the time I sat down with the art director, we had all the information we needed to work out what scenarios would work best where. I had my lighting set-up clear in my mind, we knew exactly where we would start shooting, how we would progress through the locations and, most importantly, who would be needed in shot at any particular time (these are busy people!). Having all these elements already in place meant that there was time to concentrate on the important part of the shoot, the actual photo and being creative.


It went so well that I was asked to take some portraits of 3 Step IT's COB, Jarkko Veijalainen, and his VP of Marketing, Nick Gallop...