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Journey with myself

Journey with Myself

Photo Essay

I was born in Buenos Aires, spent much of my early childhood in Lima and was 17 years old when I was last there. With my 50th birthday fast approaching (and all the mental baggage that carries), I hatched a plan to return to South America and travel by myself around parts of Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and Peru. The kids were old enough to almost fend for themselves and I am fortunate to have an extremely wise wife. She hardly blinked as I set off on a 50 day expedition, plus 10 extra days for good behaviour. Much of this experience was documented in a chaotic manner on a site I set up specifically for the journey, 'From HEL & Back'. Rather than force you to go there and sieve through my visual ramblings, I have collected here a small portion of the many images I took along the way.

Many have a strong existential theme running through them, understandable as I was taking stock of my life at this particular juncture. Personally, looking back through these images triggers many great memories of the people I met and the places I passed through along the way, all too briefly. It makes me laugh that I took the shot of the horizon where the sky meets the sea through the barbed wire just a few days before my 50th birthday. And that on my actual birthday, I was having my head stitched up from a surfing accident, photos not included. Most importantly, what I learnt about myself is that I am definitely not a lone wolf, considering that my overriding emotional state as I pinballed through South America was wondering what the hell was I doing on the other side of the world away from those that I love and that love me. A lesson well learnt. I told you she is wise.