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of Professional Photographer Tim Maher

SHOOTING such a wide range of material over the years means it can be hard for clients to get a clear idea of what it is that I do best. I started out as a Fashion and Advertising photographer, expanded into Portraits and Lifestyle, then developed Photo essays as a way to add scope to large scale Projects. Having shot people from all walks of life, set up in many different locations, and played with a wide variety of lighting, all this experience allows me to be able to visualise the best solutions for a brand’s visual identity.

Below is a collection of my current work, to show how clients are making use of my skillsets today, together with a selection of my personal projects, followed by a pick of the material from some early work that I think best emphasises my strong points. Hopefully, this should provide you with enough information to decide if I am the right person to achieve the results you are looking for. If you need to see more of any particular genre, have a look at the filterable portfolios in the Overall section. If you have a certain visual idea in mind, get in contact and I can easily put together a more specific presentation for you. As always, I’m here to help.

Clients: I have shot for many of the top advertising agencies and magazines here in Finland. Looking at my portfolio should let you know that I also do work for companies both large and small. Always looking to do something new!

Early Work

Some of my favourites from the back catalogue

Portrait project

A selection of Portraits from the Sports Hall project

Shooting portraits usually involves working with people who are not used to being placed in front of the camera and being made the centre of attention. A lot needs to happen in a short space of time and getting the subject's trust is the key to a successful result.


A selection of Advertising work

The job may start with great pre-production, finding the right location... but the most important element is always what happens in front of the camera. Since I mainly shoot people, my best Advertising work always involves getting a great performance from the talent, no matter their age group.

Fashion: Studio

A selection of Studio work

Knowing your lighting helps. Having the right team around you makes it better. Getting the performance you're looking for from your model might just mean you'll achieve something special.

Fashion: Location

A selection of editorial work

There may not be much depth to Fashion but there’s a lot of surface and my years shooting in the field have made me an expert at lighting faces and spaces. And with so much to do when shooting an editorial fashion story, you learn to move fast and work quickly.