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Agency: In-house

PlayRaven is a boutique gaming development agency with a stellar creative team, based in Helsinki (to be precise, on the 12th floor of one of the very few high rise buildings in the city. Great views!). The meeting with the in-house marketing department was at their own offices, so it was easy to walk around the space afterwards and take some reference images. Leading up to the shoot days, ideas were bounced back and forth between us, with various images and mood boards, the early ideas being kicked firmly aside, until we all knew exactly what was wanted. Rather than your typical lifestyle images of smiling faces, the goal was to capture more of the essence of PlayRaven, with the individuals remaining undefined, adding an air of mystery to the proceedings. Very pleased with the result!



I also spent a day taking over 20 portraits of the team. Here's four of them, to give you some idea...