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Fortum: Imatra and Joensuu

Agency: TBWA / Stockholm

The energy giant Fortum needed images that would help tell the story of their power plants in Imatra and Joensuu. Their agency, TBWA / Stockholm, needed a photographer based in Finland that could react fast to the perfect winter weather front that was coming in the next few days. Although most of my commercial work involves shooting people, I have a large body of personal work on a separate site, From HEL and Back, that had the perfect material for me to put together a winning presentation for the client. As soon as I got the go-ahead, I jumped into my car with my camera gear and headed north-east, arrived in Imatra early afternoon, shot all afternoon till after sunset, stayed overnight, started shooting again before first light and was on the road again after a quick breakfast, heading even further north-east to Joensuu, where I did the same all over again, heading back to Helsinki the following day. All in all, I was away about 72 hours, the weather was perfect, everyone at the power plants could not have been more helpful re security clearance and access, and I enjoyed every freezing minute of it. The brief was quite loose so I shot whatever caught my eye, knowing that I had plenty of material for the agency to be able to choose their favourite ten images. I am including many more images than were selected, just to give an idea of the depth of photo-essay that can be achieved in a very short time. Enjoy!