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Nokia Transitions 1020

Agency: In-House

This is where my passion for shooting photo essays all began, a dream commission from Nokia travelling in two mobile homes round New Zealand's South Island with a group of six companions, using only the Nokia 1020 smartphone to record all the stills and video. The result was 'Transitions 1020', a red dot award winning multimedia extravaganza that was loosely based around the theme of board sports (surfing, skateboarding, skiing, snowboarding...) in New Zealand and became one of those 'trips of a lifetime'. For me, it made me realise that, even though I enjoyed my success as a Fashion and Advertising photographer, there was something hugely rewarding about heading off with camera in hand to create visual stories. It is the reason why I set up an alternative site, From HEL and Back, to allow me to develop this side of my photography, which in turn is resulting in me being commissioned to shoot more photo essays. Life is good. Here are just some of the images from the trip to New Zealand, with some others from a quick stopover I took in Sydney on the way back. Not bad for a mobile phone!

Nokia 1020