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Presentation for Clients

A Visual Presentation

by Tim Maher

Part 1: Lifestyle

Here is a selection of my Lifestyle work that I think best shows what I do. I'm able to make the locations look fantastic, always useful when working in a company's offices; my lighting looks very natural and clean; and, most importantly, I am fantastic at getting a natural performance from the talent. The people in the images selected here are all working for the companies represented and are not used to being in front of the camera.


One of my more recent projects was for the Finnish gaming development company PlayRaven. For this job, rather than your typical lifestyle images of smiling faces, the goal was to capture more of the essence of PlayRaven, with the individuals remaining undefined, adding an air of mystery to the proceedings. You'll notice that many of the images have particular elements that reference PlayRaven...

3 Step IT

I was approached by TBWA to shoot new content for 3 Step IT, firstly at their head office and their warehouse here in Helsinki, and then at their offices in Oslo, Copenhagen and Stockholm. With projects where a lot of material is needed to be captured and time is always limited, it is essential to have as much information to hand before the shoot day. I was able to visit the locations beforehand to shoot some reference images; headshots were also taken of the employees that would be available to us on shoot day. By the time of the shoot day, I had my lighting set-up clear in my mind, knew exactly where we would start shooting, how we would progress through the locations and, most importantly, who would be needed in shot at any particular time (these are busy people!). Having all these elements already in place meant that there was time to concentrate on the important part of the shoot, the actual photo and being creative.

3 Step IT
3 Step IT
Opus Capita

Although the client required B&W images to be delivered, I think this collection shows once again how I am able to get a performance from people who are not used to being in front of the camera. These were all shot at Opus Capita's own offices and the talent were their own workforce...

Opus Capita

Part 2: Photo Essays

After championing my Lifestyle skills, I'd like to showcase some of my other long form projects...


I was commissioned by TBWA / Stockholm to develop a series of images that would capture the essence of Fortum's two power plants in Imatra and Joensuu. Over a three day period in winter, involving sunrise, sunset and everything in between, I was given access to the two plants and had a wonderful time creating this body of work. Here are some of the images...


Here is a small selection of the work that I did for the red dot award winning multimedia project Transitions 1020. I know it was a few years ago now but it is a body of work I am still proud of. All the material was shot and recorded on the Nokia Lumia 1020 device whilst travelling round New Zealand's south island (plus some extra images from a quick stopover in Sydney).

Nokia 1020
100 for 100

 And you might also want to check out a personal project I did to celebrate the centenary of Finnish independence, 100 for 100, a series of images of Finland shot over a period of 100 days. If you would like to see the complete series, you can find it on From HEL and Back, a site I put together just for the fun and love of it.

By now, I hope you've seen enough material here to convince you that I would be the right photographer for you. I have not included any Portraits in this presentation but I am often asked to shoot portraits for the same clients and a selection of them can seen here. If there is anything particular you'd like to see more of, please get in touch. Many thanks for your time!